New Home, New Media: Introducing My Duar

Well, y’all, I decided to try my hand at radio. This is my first attempt EVER, accomplished with embarrassingly cheap equipment, no audio editing software, and no skills to speak of. I abjectly beg you to forgive me the unutterably shabby quality of this overly-long radio story ramble, sit back, turn that volume up!! (did I mention about the crappy equipment?), and listen to the sounds of a typical family in a small Moroccan village, as captured by a Peace Corps Volunteer with slightly too much time on her hands.

Who knows? If I like doing this, I might make it a regular feature of the blog. Recommendations of free, user friendly audio software (that isn’t Garageband) are welcome!

For those confused about my whereabouts, here’s the skinny: For several months I lived with a host family in a small town in the north in order to learn Moroccan Arabic. Now that I’ve passed my language test and been sworn in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer, I’ve been assigned to a village (known as a “duar”) waaaaay down south for my two years of service. I’ve been staying with a second host family down here while I acclimate to the duar and search for an apartment.

Remember about my new name? See if you can spot it, it’s in there a few times.

(And in case any of you were appalled at my strangely affected radio voice, I promise you it’s not pretension – it’s the result of telling my host family I was “napping” in order to be undisturbed in my room, and then trying to stealthily record myself, sotto voce into the laptop microphone, saying the narration.)

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